How Billions Helped Me Realize I Am Nonbinary- Kate Dillon

Kate Dillon

Billions Star, Kate Dillon has revealed how the hit Showtime show helped her come to the realization that she is nonbinary.

Speaking to Buzzfeed news, she said: “Where Taylor says to Axe, ‘You know, I’m Taylor, my pronouns are they, theirs, and them, I immediately started crying when I read that,

“Because I knew that no character had ever said that on television before and no nonbinary character had ever been played by a nonbinary actor before.”

The actor, 34, plays Taylor in Billions which is a show that’s about an Attorney who is in a battle of wills and wits with a stupendously wealthy Hedgefund manager.

Kate Dillon explained that prior to the show, she identified as gender fluid, but that working on the show really helped her come to a realization.

A nonbinary person is someone who does not identify as either male or female and they generally use singular they pronouns to identify themselves.

“Although I myself identified as gender-fluid, gender-queer, and even nonbinary, I still felt a little bit like a imposter,” Dillon said. “Because all of the trans people I knew or gender-nonconforming people or even nonbinary people I knew were still transitioning in some way within the binary, whether medically, physically, or just the way that they represented themselves with their clothes or their hairstyle or what have you.”

Kate Dillon also revealed that the character breakdown for Taylor in Billions was what led her down the path that eventually led her to learn more about her nonbinary nature.

“I had no example of a person who hadn’t changed their body but identified as nonbinary, so when I got the character breakdown and it said ‘Female, gender nonbinary’ I thought, Well how can you be both? I don’t really understand,

“I looked up the word ‘Female’ to discover for the first time the phrase, ‘Assigned female at birth, assigned sex at birth,’ and I thought, Oh my gosh, we’re all assigned a sex at birth based on a quick glance at our external genitalia and then gender roles, gender stereotypes, gender expectations are placed on top of that.”

Kate Dillon is also in the 3rd John Wick movie which just came out and she explains that this new knowledge was a real ‘lightbulb moment’ for them.

“It came from that character breakdown, the clarity around exactly how … my journey is to not change my body but my experience of my identity is as nonbinary,

“Although that was a coincidence that Taylor came my way, the synchronicity of it and the magnitude of it is certainly not lost on me.”


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