‘Hot’ Kathy Griffin Pics Stun Twitter As Comedienne Turns 59

Kathy Griffin

Many might remember Kathy Griffin more for her antics (especially with Donald Trump) than for her comedic talents, but everyone will also agree that she looks fabulous.

The actress turned 59 recently and she shared a photo of herself in a small dress and many were taken aback by just how young and supple she looks.

She simply captioned the tweet: “I’m 59 years old today. Deal with it 💋”

Many dealt with it, albeit in rather poor form as she was inundated with comments about how she airbrushed her photo.

Kathy Griffin looks good in the photo, but it is hard to argue that some work wasn’t done on the picture.

Many of her detractors were republicans as she has always been an outspoken democrat and feminist.

One of the responses asked that she post a photo without a filter while another one said: “Her Birthday Suit sure does fit her and by the look of it she didn’t even have to iron it first”

There were kinder comments, some from fellow comediennes and women like Monica Lewinsky who wished her a happy birthday.

Kathy Griffin recently released a movie called ‘One Hell of a Story’ in which she talks about her life in the comedy circuit and the blacklisting she faced due to the incident with the Trump effigy.

She also posted on Tumblr where she admitted that she doesn’t regret the photo. She explained that while she is unhappy for the pain the photo must have caused for the family of people who were murdered in that way, it is still something she stands by:  “In the fallout of the photo, I realized how terrible it was for those who have lost loved ones to such public displays of violence. I apologized for any trauma my photo could have created, in particular to the mother of slain journalist, Daniel Pearl. But I cannot regret this photo, I know it will be a forever part of my life. I am willing to live with that legacy if it means being able to challenge the vitriol and misogyny spewed by our President.”

Check out more responses to her tweet below:



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