Hints By Ubi Franklin On His Failed Marriage To Lilian Esoro

Music Artiste Manager and and Business Owner, Ubi Franklin finally opened up on the abrupt end of his marriage to Nollywood Actress, Lilian Esoro.

They got married on November in the year, 2015 and this was nothing short to amazing to see two people in the entertainment industry coming together in matrimony, and the wedding ceremony had in attendance, the who and who in the industry. It all looked well and OK for the newly weds until the later half of 2016 when the marriage started experiencing some twists and turns.

While they try to keep it away from social media, well that became impossible as it was noticed when Lilian did put up a post to recognise her one year marriage anniversary. Upon investigations, it was seen that, Lilian unfollowed Ubi on social media, Instagram precisely. This left people confused as to what is happening to them both, nothing was heard from either party as Ubi occasionally post appreciation photos of Lilian but faded away over time. But, as time went by, it became clear that they weren’t together anymore.

Even with so many questions from fans, the mother of one, Lilian refused to caved in to social media pressure as she stayed matured about it and never publicly called him out on anything but recently, when Ubi Franklin have us a hint on his failed marriage to Lilian.

Ubi Franklin during during a interview opened up on a lot of things like how he made 10billion in 7years but spent it lavishly, and how spending money on helping people makes him happy. He didn’t forget to hint us on his failed marriage as well, although, he was matured about it.

When asked about it, he said, “When we put up with each other without love, then the result is grudges, resentment, hate and a general dislike for others. Putting up with each other in love looks different. Our failure to bear with one another in love is why all sorts of relationships fail.”

He continued, “Friends, we need to admit something. People are going to irritate us and I know it is hard for you to imagine, but you irritate people sometimes too. We would like to think that everyone else is the problem, we need to consider that the problem is you.”

Going forward, he added, saying: “Can you imagine being around you? You imagine being around you with all of our quirks and idiosyncrasies? We must stop living with unreasonable expectations of others. We do not place these expectations on ourselves. We are to bear with one another in love, we will not cease to love others because of their faults.”

It remains unclear who this blame is for but, reading inbetween the lines, it looks like, he’s putting all blames on himself. However we tend to see it, it has finally cleared of his marital status. We are yet to get any response from Lilian Esoro.

He’s been linked with other ladies like BBNaija season 2 housemate, Tboss, and BBNaija season 3 housemate, Ceec, but both parties have since cleared the air on any relationship with Ubi as to be that of business only.

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