#HelpNeedsNoCamera: Singer, Tank, Passes Strong Message


In an era where everything needs to be documented on social media, R&B singer, Tank, has kicked against the norm and challenged the mainstream thinking.

It isn’t uncommon to open social media and be met with a video with thousands of likes and retweets or shares about how a random person helped a homeless person.

The act of filming the act of kindness takes something away from the gesture according to Tank who believes that true kindness doesn’t need cameras.

In a social media post, he challenged people to be more caring even when a camera isn’t rolling and he opined that the Universe has it’s own unique way of rewarding people.

He asked people to think for a second and put themselves in the shoes of the person being helped. He asked how they would feel if their lowest moment was being captured on Facebook live or on some other social media platform for people’s consumption.

Tank wrote on his social media:’Before you record yourself ‘helping’ the homeless, imagine the lowest point of your life on Facebook Live… #HelpNeedsNoCamera.’


 ‘Social media has confused the idea that if it’s not recorded and posted then it didn’t happen. Find peace in the things you do for the right reasons. Not because you’re getting likes and interaction for it. Only the universe can reward you for the authentic kindness of your heart! So on this Thanksgiving be grateful, be prayerful, and be mindful..#HappyThanksgiving.’

Tank Instagram

Most of the comments on the post agreed with the crooner and he was applauded for the insight which he provided on the matter.


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