‘He Was Neglected By The Industry’ Mountain Black Talks On Mad Melon’s Death

Mountain Black

I Mountain Black, the second half of the Danfo Drivers duo which Mad Melon, now deceased, was a part of, spoke on his partner’s death.

Mad Melon was announced dead earlier this week after a brief illness and there were many who then reminisced about the singer’s life.

In an interview with Saturday Beat, Mountain Black claimed that Mad Melon was neglected by the industry and that since 2003, the duo have had to manage themselves.

“He was neglected (by the music industry). We became popular in 2003, and we had been managing ourselves since then. I believe that with God, all things are possible. We believed in ourselves, and that is why we were still relevant in the industry till now. The industry is very wide; you can fix yourself anywhere and make your money. We were, also, both involved in transportation business.” he said.

When asked about the nature of his illness, Mountain Black stated that he is not a doctor and can therefore can’t speak to the nature of Mad Melon’s illness, but he did say he was told the singer wasn’t feeling well and when told to hurry over, he reached there only to find his partner dead.

Mountain Black also revealed what the funeral plans are like with a wake set to take place on October 11, “the burial will hold the next day. We stay in Satellite Town now but we have to go back to Ajegunle where we were brought up. He is going to be buried in Atan Cemetery, Yaba”

He did thank the people of Ajegunle whom he said had been very supportive in this time of sadness.

Mountain Black said he would miss Mad Melon whom he called his ‘brother’. May his soul rest in peace.


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