“He Has A Problem But Nobody Knows What The problem Is” – Tuface Blasts Former Bandmate, Blackface

There seems to be ‘No Stop’ to the feud between the two former bandmates. The threat by Blackface over suing Tuface is nerve-racking due to not getting it done over the past 10years ago.

The music legend, Tuface in an interview with The Sun expressed displeasure on how his former bandmate, Blackface goes about with his name to get fame over alleged intellectual property theft. Blackface alleged that Tuface stole his song, African Queen and made it his own.

Although Blackface has released his own version of the said song, one would think it would have been a forgotten issue but, that is far from being true.

Tuface is fed up already and has reacted to Blackface’s continuous threat which is beginning to look like a mere rant rather than action. Tuface said, “it is either he sues me or shut up.”

He added that he is sure Blackface is aware he didn’t steal his song and he would prefer Blackface to sue him rather than go on-air to talk him down which he sees as an obsession and it is no longer healthy for him. “It will serve him better to free himself”, he said.

The 40-year-old award-winning Nigerian singer revealed that he never took the threat from his former bandmate serious from the day it started.

“Legally, I have done my own bit, I don’t have anything to tell. The funny thing is that he has a problem but nobody knows what the problem is. So, if you will not sue me, then shut up.”

Tuface who is not interested in pursuing the case any further stated that the people close to Blackface should ask him what the problem is because he can’t arrest him or take him to a psychiatrist hospital.

While we wait for the case to end, it seems like Blackface never really got over Tuface leaving the group to become a solo artiste.



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