HBO writers release “must-watch” episodes which you must re-watch before the final season of Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Winter is here!

The ridiculously successful HBO Smash hit, Game of Thrones returns this Sunday and people will be forgiven for not remembering bits of it as it has been gone for almost two years.

I, for one, had to watch all 7 seasons over a period of one month to refresh myself on all the intrigue so that once season 8 comes out, i’m not left in the dust.

It might be too late to see the entire 7 seasons, so you could also watch recap videos on YouTube


Or… OR…and hear us out here, you could follow the official guide given by show writer Bryan Cogman as to what episodes to watch over the seven seasons before watching Season 8.

He seems to have a pretty good idea of what he’s doing.

So according to Mr Cogman,

“#GameofThrones writer Bryan Cogman reveals which 21 episodes to rewatch before Season 8:

Season 1: E1, E2, E9 & E10
Season 2: E3, E6 & E9
Season 3: E3, E4, E5 & E9
Season 4: E6, E8 & E10
Season 5: E8
Season 6: E5, E9 & E10
Season 7: E3, E4 & E7”

So that’s 21 episodes to sink your teeth into and which will give you a definitive guide as to what to do for season 8.

And in an age in which spoilers leak rather easily, the most amusing measures were taken to avoid leaks with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays Jaime Lannister explaining that the scripts for the show were hell to get a hold of and even when people got a hold of it, it disappeared rather quickly.

“First you had to download an app because we couldn’t get them on paper anymore,” he said in a recent interview, “You download the app, the scripts come, and when you finished them they would magically disappear.”

He also explained that the Game of Thrones scripts couldn’t be downloaded or screen grabbed.

Game of Thrones returns on the 14th of April.

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