Harvard Business School Endorses Chika Ike’s Book, “Boss Up!”

In a bid to celebrate the first anniversary of Chika Ike’s book, “Boss Up!”, Harvard Business School has endorsed the Nollywood actor’s book and also took the opportunity to congratulate her on the feat.

Sharing a cover picture of the book on all its social media platforms, the institution felicitated Ike, who is an alumnus of the school stating that the book x-rays the obstacles the Nollywood actress had to overcome in order to be successful.

The post reads;

In her new book, Boss Up!📕Program for Leadership Development alumnae, Chika Ike shares how she overcame obstacles on the road to #success. ✨Congratulations, Chika! #HBSExecEdCelebrates #BossUp #HBSPLD #PLDEverywhere

“Boss Up!’’ is a 41-chapter book that x-rays crucial obstacles people confront – fear, love, money, self-esteem and how to overcome them to live the best life. According to Ike, a Harvard-trained businesswoman, the book details how she overcame her personal life obstacles, experiences and lessons learnt.

In her words;

It took me over seven years of writing to finally publish Boss up!

Seven years of documenting my thoughts, emotions, truth and events that taught me some life lessons and brought me to this point.

I have failed, made mistakes, trusted, and had my lows and highs. But today I stand firm, stronger than ever and living my best life.

Ike came into Nollywood’s limelight in 2005 in a movie titled Bless the Child and has since played major roles in over a hundred movies.

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