Going To Jail, Does Not Make Him The Next ‘Fela Kuti’ – Dede Mabiaku Slammed Naira Marley And His Supporters

Dede Mabiaku is a Nigerian veteran singer(Afrobeat, Highlife and Jazz). He is also an actor and producer. He recently sat down for an interview with Object TV and the video is currently in circulation on social media. The topic of discussion during the interview is the reason why the video has been/is trending.

Nigerian singer, Naira Marley is one of the most talked-about artiste in the country so far due to his jail time and his controversial song, “Am I A Yahoo Boy”, that was seen as glorifying cybercrime in the country which is on the rise lately, also known as Yahoo Yahoo!

He was first called out by Simi and Ruggedman. Kaffy did same over the “Soapy dance” which she told him and his followers to stop promoting.

The most recent is the call out from Dede Mabiaku to his(Naira Marley) fans and lover of his music. He said they should put a stop to the comparism between the young artiste and the Late ‘Fela Kuti’ because Fela was the voice of the people but Naira Marley has his hands dirty. He spoke with anger and let out his frustration over what the has heard of the Soapy artiste and therefore, sent a stern warning to people doing so!

He also condemned what Naira Marley was allegedly accused of doing and stated that, African Culture does not teach one to rip off others to make financial gains and instead of sitting behind computers to steal people’s money, they should stand up and fight for it with the law.

In his words, he said;

I heard a lot of people comparing that young man to Abami Eda Anikpula Kuti. Why are you trivializing the essence of your matters? Why are you bringing down Fela Kuti? Why are you rubbishing him in this corridor of nothingness that is not supposed to be an issue? The boy, was he right for doing what he did? Ask yourselves. Somebody wey dey edutain (Educate &, entertain), because, in everything he did, his tortures were based on wanting to enlighten the people, wake up the minds of the people for the development of the society with regards for culture and traditions. The typical African Culture teaches you not to steal or do tricks to rip the next man of what his duty is. They are talking about reparation. In reparation, you come out and say these are what my rights are. You denied me my rights and I want them back and by law and rights, I am going to fight for it and you duly stand and fight for it yourself. Not to sneak to computer and steal people money and you come dey relate yourself with Fela.”

He added that Naira Marley gets his confidence boost from his other colleagues. He advised they stop doing so. Because he went to jail does not mean he is the next Fela!! He added that the young talent’s latest move on the song ‘Soapy’, is totally wrong.

Watch it here

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