Glory Osei’s Response Is A Cop Out, Here’s Why

Glory Osei

Glory Osei is a self acclaimed business woman with a pretty decent range in terms of followers and influence. But a lot of this has been called into question recently.

Glory Osei boasts of of well over 100,000 followers across Twitter and Instagram and for many, she is a leading voice in the fight against the patriarchy.

But following the allegations of fraud and marriage, we are starting to see another story emerge and it’s not pretty.

Tweets from former employees point to a wicked boss, an inconsiderate human being and a liar. When you have some measure of influence over a hundred thousand people, integrity is terribly important and if what we’re seeing is anything to go by, she has little of it.

More than the allegations, her response has been less than satisfactory. She has been accused of lying to followers about her ‘feminist’ status when it appears that she may be married after all. There is no proof to this, but it does seem quite clear that she and Muyiwa Folorunsho are quite the duo. They might not be married, but there is a level of involvement that speaks to something closer than simply ‘Business Partner.’ The duo have been accused of scamming people, firing employees without just cause and even withholding salaries.

After such a serious allegation, you would expect that the response is as robust as possible. However, what we have gotten instead is a cop out. When you wield some measure of influence over the lives of over 100,000, while you might not owe them access into your personal life, you do owe them a proper explanation when you are accused of something so heinous.

In a series of tweets, Glory Osei essentially said that she is fine with people coming for her personally, and doubting her single-hood, however, she draws the line when they make allegations about a business she sweat to build.

Did you indeed fire employees without just cause? No comment. Did you scam clients and customers with substandard or problematic products? No comment. Are you married to Muyiwa Folorunsho? No comment.

That is unacceptable.

She said in her tweets; “Talk about my personal life, make jokes about me choosing what I reveal about those closest to me. Make assumptions about my relationships, both personal and professional, argue that my methods are just or not, these are arguments I can take.

“These are fair. But when you start to make defamatory statements about the businesses I have labored for, causing my stakeholders to be worried. When you start to make exaggerated claims of authenticity of my businesses just so you can have a laugh, that right there is all I need to know about you.

“My focus right now is making sure that my company withstands these storm that your mockery, allegations and abuse have brought. When we are done with this chapter then I would come and tell those who wish to learn the truth about what it means to hire people, Nigerians like myself, and how for a Nigerian business like mine, a business dependent on its people, that is perhaps the biggest risk.”


That response is the equivalent of a celebrity accused of domestic violence saying ‘If you know the truth about having a wife, you would understand what’s going on’. These allegations need to be addressed now and while it is likely she is already addressing customers and stakeholders, she needs to sort out her online audience too, because her customers, women who are looking for financial independence or who want to buy a product, come from this online community.

We’ll see how things pan out, but here’s hoping that potential employees take something from this and look and research properly before joining a company. Because we all know that Twitter commentary will most likely end at just that– commentary.

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