Glory Osei & Partner Accused of Scamming People, Mistreating Employees

Glory Osei

If you are a regular user of social media, you will have at some point or the other come across Glory Osei, or at least her tweets.

She is a fierce feminist and entrepreneur who for all intents and purposes runs a number of thriving businesses.

However, these businesses have now come under scrutiny so also has her ‘feminist’ credentials after it was revealed that she may very well be married and is a horrible boss to her employees.

Horrible Bosses

This all came to light after Glory Osei put out a tweet in which she said there were openings in one of her companies, hyberfactory, and a follower hit back accusing her of rather nasty behaviour to employees, scamming people and also of being married.

The user, username @TheRealAda_ tweeted: “So you and Muyiwa can wake up one morning and fire everyone like you did last month? Then start the recruitment process all over again? Don’t you get tired? Clowns! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 You should also let your fans know you’re a married woman dear.”

Ada continued: “I used to work for Glory and her husband, Muyiwa. Last month at exactly 4:45pm (on a Friday). Her husband Muyiwa fired everyone in Hyberfactory, fired all Landlagos staff and some other people as well. Just like that.”

The Muyiwa in question is Muyiwa Folorunsho who is the founder and CEO of a number of companies including Landlagos, Shapeyou, 234logistics, casual Becky, porkoyum, porkmoney, true rebel, hyberfactory all under the parent company, Divergent Enterprise.

Muyiwa Folorunsho

This sparked a firestorm as former employees started to come out of the woodwork and tell of their experiences. One of the threads, written by the same Ada, accused Glory Osei and Muyiwa Folorunsho of fraudulent activities. In a series of Tweets, Ada alleged that one of the companies, LandLagos, sold people land that the Government still had substantial claims over.

Check out Ada’s thread

There was another user who claimed that the toxic work environment that Glory Osei and Muyiwa Folorunsho fostered was pretty bad and that one of them even suggested that she sleep with a co-worker that she was having a disagreement with as a means of ‘making peace’

While many people were hung up on the fact that despite her public persona as a feminist who has no time for men, it turns out that she might be married and that business decisions are being made by both herself and Muyiwa.

She did state on her Twitter page that while she is willing to entertain discussions on her duplicitous nature and her business decisions, she would not stand for people making defamatory statements about her business.

“Talk about my personal life, make jokes about me choosing what I reveal about those closest to me. Make assumptions about my relationships, both personal and professional, argue that my methods are just or not, these are arguments I can take.” she said.

She added: “These are fair. But when you start to make defamatory statements about the businesses I have labored for, causing my stakeholders to be worried. When you start to make exaggerated claims of authenticity of my businesses just so you can have a laugh, that right there is all I need to know about you.”

The duo have been accused of withholding salaries, firing employees without due course or logical reasoning, scamming people and so on. We are yet to see a statement from Folorunsho.

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