Girls Who Lied Against Davido Backtrack In New Video


Remember the girls who claimed that Davido impregnated one of them and hasn’t claimed it? Well they’re back and have tried to explain themselves.

Gone are the accents, gone was the posturing and they kept going on about how they wanted to congratulate him on the birth of his baby boy ‘in a unique way’

This might have something to do with the fact that the singer has promised to slam them with a really expensive lawsuit after finding out their details thanks to a bounty which he placed on their heads (Toke Makinwa did one too)

Nigerians are of course having none of it and many have instead mocked the girls after the video surfaced.

On user said: “Where did the accent go? Where is the elegant and stylish body language? One said “A whole Davido”.😂😂😂😂 The fear of KiriKiri is the beginning of Wisdom.”

Nigerians were quite savage when commenting on this and there was little sympathy for the girls. Another user said: “U wanted him to notice you. He has noticed you in a unique way.😁”

One user was thankful that she doesn’t know the girls as she would have been unable to stand the embarrassment. “It would be too embarrassing to know these people on a personal level. I’m glad people I know don’t embarrass me this way. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Even Wale Adetona was there to mock them, chiming in with his own comment, “I just saw a video now. Those girls that claimed Davido impregnated their sister have been arrested, and their accent don change to normal. 😂😂😂” he said.

Davido is yet to respond to their new video and it is unlikely that he would.

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