Girls Are Happy When I Put Them On Leashes- Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike

Nigerian Socialite, Pretty Mike has defended his knack for putting women on leashes claiming that the girls involved actually like it.

He also stated that the girls are adequately compensated and therefore, he isn’t taking advantage of them.

“People think I take advantage of girls, but trust me; those girls are happy and see it as a privilege to go out with me for stunts because, at the end of the day, their palms are heavily greased. What social media and society paint and reality are two different things, ”

Pretty Mike also said that while many might expect those around him to oppose him, some of his biggest fans are his family members.

“My parents and family are my biggest supporters. My father would say ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. Sometimes when he sees me pull some stunts, he’ll tell me that he had wanted to pull that same stunt thirty years ago. When I took dwarfs who had calabashes with smoke coming out of them with me to a friend’s wedding, people said I was a ritualist, but my dad called me and said why did I take only three or four dwarfs? He said next time I should take masquerades along with me. And I thought that’s not a bad idea. When people get to know that there is no ulterior motive behind my stunts, we’ll be good, ”

Pretty Mike started making a splash on Social Media when he would customarily turn up to events with girls on leashes. Many found this behavior abhorrent, but he has continued doing it.

He has switched it up recently being escorted to an event by 6 hefty men who bore him on their shoulders.

Love him or hate him, he’s certainly a unique character.

What do you think? Is he still taking advantage of the girls?


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