Gifty Powers Is Angry She Can’t Have Me Back- Mr 2Kay

Mr 2Kay

Singer, Mr 2Kay is firmly of the belief that former Big Brother Nigeria contestant, Gifty Powers is angry because she can’t have him back.

Gifty has on several occasion attacked Mr. 2Kay especially as the latter continually claims that he is the father of Gifty’s child.

The latest spat between the two seems to have arisen after Gifty Powers seemingly showed support to a comment on Instagram where a user speculated that perhaps Mr. 2Kay was dumped by Gifty over body odor.

Responding to the comment, Mr 2Kay says he’s never had cause to attack Gifty and that he does this because of the respect he has for her as the mother of his child.

“I am a free-spirited person. Have you ever seen me attack her? She’s the one always attacking me. I was saying that I know Tacha and she doesn’t have body odour. People misinterpreted that to mean I had seen her in the morning before her shower, when she is actually my sister. When Gifty involved herself, I didn’t respond to her. She is the mother of my daughter and I respect my kid, so I won’t react. She doesn’t understand this and she seizes every opportunity to attack me. She’s always using me to stay relevant. Whether I sing or not, I’ll still be relevant but who remembers her name when mentioned? Her existence is tied to me” he said.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, the Singer also claimed that the source of bitterness for Gifty Powers is the inability to have him back in their relationship. He also claimed that he ended their relationship as he didn’t want to be associated with someone with her personality but that she was pregnant at the time.

“She was already pregnant at the time and had a child for me but I didn’t want to continue. I thought we should concentrate on our child but she’s angry she can’t have me back,” he said.

So far, Gifty Powers is yet to respond to Mr 2Kay’s latest claims.

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