Georgina Onuoha Hits Out At Yahoo Boys And Their Supporters

Georgina Onuoha isn’t a fan of Yahoo Boys and her latest post on the matter clearly shows her disdain for them and fans of these people.

This comes after the release of 77 names of fraudsters from Nigeria.

Georgina Onuoha stated that those who indulge in internet fraud are bad for the country but not just them, she also took on ‘slay queens’ and criticized them for showing off lavish lifestyles without any indication of the source of the wealth.

Georgina Onuoha who is also a mother of two also hit out at wives who knowingly get married to these men.

Read what she wrote below.

This is truly shameful as a Nigerian living in diaspora. Our society is morally bankrupt and corrupt. The glorification of questionable wealth beats my imagination. The quest for instant gratification and lack of conscience coupled with greed is the reason our society will forever be doomed.


Nigerians glorify wealth, nobody is willing to ask the basic questions “ hey how are you making your money , is it legitimate? “. Rather you glorify stupidity and crime. You run to Dubai and display the most expensive exotic cars, and you see the shameless celebrities and ignorant youths hailing plain criminals. I pray more raids like this continue to the highest levels of our society home and abroad.


You can not be working 8 to 12 hours and be spending money like this? It is not possible. Most Nigerian politicians of today were once into money laundry, cyber crime and 419s. Enjoy it now, but you will never escape the law. Run , they will find you in your great grandma village. Useless human beings.


To the Slay Queens and fashionistas, Instagram slay thieves continue. 95 percent of you all have no credible job, yet you buy the latest designer bags meanwhile you’ve not done a movie in years, no investments or credible job yet people give you accolades. You fly first class, Private Jets, mansions, please who are you fooling? What most of you forget is that, the watchful eyes of Interpol, FBI , etc are watching you. Ok continue. Until you begin to live according to your means, you will forever be a slave to quick money and your Waterloo is near. Just as they are dragging these thieves, your day is coming. 


I’m ashamed as a Nigerian and shame on our leaders.. the good news now is that Nigerian politicians are no longer immune from the watchful eyes of the US authorities. Every day is for the thief, one day is for FBI and Interpol. Shame on the women who marry such men knowing fully well that their husbands are committing crimes as businessmen and causing innocent families tears and suicides. I hope they arrest you all. Ndi ara. If you know all the olosho Slay Queens with zero jobs yet flaunting fake asses, bags and travel. please feel free to tag them.


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