Gayle King Worried For Her Safety When Interviewing R.Kelly

Gayle King

Everyone remembers the infamous interview between the incomparable Gayle King and the accused sex offender, R.Kelly.

The two did any interview back in March in which he told his side of the story and claimed that the allegations against him were untrue.

The interview was a no-holds-barred affair that got heated on a number of occasions. Gayle King looked unflappable, but as she has now revealed, she was worried for her safety.

The veteran news anchor and journalist spoke with Desus & Mero on Showtime and there she relived her experience interviewing the controversial singer.

When King said she feared for her safety, it wasn’t because she thought that the singer would bring her harm intentionally, but rather that he would mistakenly hit her while gesturing as wildly as he was.

“I really think that we were watching him having a breakdown in real time.” she said.

Mero on his part said to Gayle King:  “You are an unflappable master interviewer. You had R. Kelly wildin’ the fuck out. Like screaming, going bonkers.”

Desus then chimed in asking: “What was that experience like?”, adding that “no one has done that”

Gayle answered the question saying: “I never thought that he was gonna hurt me, guys. But when he was doing this,” she said, miming a punching motion, “I thought he might accidentally hurt me. And I was worried about that. Because you could tell, he could hit hard.”

King even revealed that in his manic state, she got some of R.Kelly’s spittle on her bottom lip. “So I just sat there like this thinking, ‘I don’t want to move.’ If somebody does that to you, you can just very gracefully or discreetly go like that, but I knew I couldn’t make any sudden movements because he was very amped up, as you see.” she added.

King said finally:  “I really think that we were watching him having a breakdown in real time. I really do. Somebody said, ‘Oh, Gayle. He played you. He was just faking.’ I do not think that was a fake. I don’t.”

Check out the full video of the interview below


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