Game of Thrones Ends On A Whimper?

Game of Thrones finale

So that’s it. Game of Thrones is over, it is never coming back. All the actors will never come on set again. It is indeed the end of an era.

It is also natural that a series as popular as this one– last episode had over 18 million viewers–there are going to be various emotions as to how it ends.

So how did it end?

Daenerys had won the war. She came out to give her evil queen speech and while there, Tyrion tells her to look for another hand. He was promptly arrested.

Jon, who is still traumatized from last episode, goes to visit Tyrion and there he is more or less asked to kill Daenerys– which we totally called— which he does.

They had this long scene about how Dany felt they could rebuild the world together and how Jon wondered what would happen to those who don’t share her ideology and then he stabbed her and she died.

Drogon, by some telepathy I believe, came to the scene of his mother’s death and seeing her dead, he wails for a bit before preparing to breathe fire, fire that Jon was certain was for him and instead he melted the iron throne. I believe this was symbolic in nature as the iron throne had been the reason for so much war and suffering.

Jon is imprisoned and Bran is named king (to my immense surprise). Jon is then exiled to the Wall to rejoin the Night’s watch.

Arya decides to sail west of Westeros, Sansa is named queen of the North and she secedes from Westeros and Jon goes to the wall to face what is probably the best exile in human history.

So, was this a good ending?

The answer isn’t so simple. People had great expectations for Game of Thrones, many were displeased with how it ended and many felt Dany wasn’t treated well by the script. These are valid arguments, however, the question is: how else was it supposed to end?

Dany could have been queen, but then would she continue with her weird incestuous relationship with Jon? Jon could have been King, but it’s something he’s never wanted.

The ending of Game of Thrones has been divisive and will be an argument that will likely rage on for a while longer, what isn’t up for debate however, is that it is without a doubt one of the greatest shows the world has ever see.


Goodbye Game of Thrones.

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