#fvckyouchallenge: Simi Responds to Tribal Marks Backlash, Apologizes


Popular Nigerian singer, Simi, has come out to apologize for the lyrics of her cover of the song, ‘Fvck you’ by Kizz Daniel.

One of the lines of the song was said to have angered some. The line goes thus: “abi o ro bi mo kola ni” (Do you think I have tribal marks?). This line basically was a line which was derogatory in that it assumed that people with tribal marks are stupid.

It’s an old joke in the Yoruba culture, and while Simi certainly meant no harm but it, she recognised the that it was probably not the healthiest thing to say and therefore put out an apology on her social media. Recall that Tiwa Savage also caught some heat for her cover.

She said: “Guys I had to bring down my post cos I used the line “abi o ro bi mo kola ni” (Do you think I have tribal marks?) – which people mean to say “Am I stupid”.
It’s an old Yoruba ‘joke’, but I never acknowledged how insensitive it is. It offended some and I shouldn’t have used it. Lots of unlearning to do. We should remember to be sensitive and emphatic to others,

“Also I know the video is all over the place already, but it’s a step in the right direction and I apologize to anyone that was/is offended by it. I only ever mean

“Also, if you think this is extra, it’s part of the problem. Always letting BS go is how we build the wrong cultures that become hard to shake off.”

She also added: “I don’t want this to trend for the wrong reasons please. Let’s not only advocate for the things that directly affect us. Lezzz keep it moving. I’ma make many many more lit covers insha Allah. Na the work wey we dey do ☺️?”

She didn’t stop there, the singer also did a new cover in which the words were taken out.

It’s rare to see such a genuine apology from a celebrity and her move was applauded by most of her fans.

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