Funke Akindele Recalls First Meeting With Kate Henshaw, It Involves Food

Kate Henshaw

Food is a universally acclaimed connector of people and it seemed it might be how Funke Akindele and Kate Henshaw were able to connect.

The 2 women are powerhouses of Nigerian cinema and in wishing Kate Henshaw a happy birthday, the Jenifa star recounted how they first met. 

Taking it Instagram to celebrate the now 48-year-old actress, Funke Akindele talked about their time of the set of Naked Wire way back in 1997.

I’m sure @k8henshaw can’t remember the story I’m about to tell…… In 1997 when i started my acting career i met @k8henshaw on the set of Naked Wire. That was my first experience before the camera so i was so nervous. I played the role of a waitress who was asked by the lead actor to tell the lead actress (Kate Henshaw) that he loved her. Immediately the director called ACTION,i started shaking because i was so nervous. Kate held my hands and told me that i could do it. 

After the scene, i was so hungry but wasn’t given food as (waka pass concern nau ) Kate saw me waiting and she went to tell lthem to give me food.


Kate Henshaw also celebrated herself on Instagram with a series of age defying photos. 

Kate Henshaw

She captioned it: J.U.L.Y. 19!!

I love my life…

I am blessed beyond measure

I am grace personified.. I am grateful for my family and very lovely friends…

I am grateful for my career that has brought me so much happiness and connections to do much more for those I come in contact with…

I am thankful for another year!!💃💃💃💃

Kate Henshaw

The actress was ably celebrated across all social media platforms which just goes to show how much of an impact she’s had on the lives of Nigerians both through her work and through her life.

Happy birthday to Kate Henshaw.

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