Fresh Drama As Lady Threatens To Expose Elisha Abbo Over Possible Murder

Elisha Abbo

A Lady, Judith Ojukwu, who hails from Awka-Etiti, Anambra State stated that she knows about the sordid past of Elisha Abbo and would reveal all soon.

According to Judith, Elisha Abbo was married to her elder sister, however, the sister is now dead and the cause was alleged to be a combination of domestic abuse and an HIV infection.

Recall that Senator Abbo is in the middle of a huge scandal after he was caught on camera assaulting a nursing mother in a sex shop.

He has since been arrested and arraigned and has pleaded not guilty stating that he was also the victim of violence.

Judith wrote on her Facebook page that she has held back for so long, but is now ready to out Elisha Abbo (whom she referred to as Cliff Ishaku, which is also part of his name)

She wrote:

“Mr Cliff Ishaku, you have from your actions awakened and bruised my already healing wounds. Hope you are ready because the finger my God is pointing out on you wont go down anytime soon”

“22nd July they said right? It’s about time I start lashing this idiot bcos my silence has made him feel superior. God pass man! Have held it in for so long now, Mr cliff ishaku, you know what I’m capable of & have known that I’m your greatest fear. Today you pleaded not guilty, that shows you still don’t have the fear of God in you till date. I’ve been your greatest nightmare & trust me, my silence wasn’t a sign of weakness. It was just me leaving it all to God Almighty & as His ways are not ours, years after the untime God who is never late showed up to expose your true identity to not only Nigerians but the entire world. Cliff, I will lash the truth about you & you know I don’t rant. The truth will eventually come to light bcos you are & have always been an animal in human skin.”

There was also a special report on the Saturday Sun in which Judith also revealed that Elisha Abbo allegedly had HIV but hid his status from his then wife and slept with her without protection. The HIV infection eventually led to her death. She also claimed that when the sister found out about it, it was too late and when he was confronted, he beat her mercilessly.

“This was how she found out that she was infected with HIV and that it was at a critical stage. When she confronted him with her result, instead of confessing, Senator Abbo battered my sister mercilessly.” she said.

There were more details in the interview, which you can read here


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