French Montana Back on His Feet

French Montana

Moroccan-American rapper French Montana has said that he is getting better after a stint in the intensive care unit following a health scare.

The rapper was rushed via ambulance from his home to a San Fernando Valley hospital in Los Angeles hospital.

It was later revealed that the hip-hop star might have been exposed to contaminated food while back in his homeland of Morocco to celebrate his 35th birthday.

French Montana shared a photo of himself on social media and while he was still covered in tubes, he did look better. He captioned the photo: ‘For all of the prayers, love, and support.’ ‘I’m finally out of ICU and am getting better one day at a time!!!’ 

It is hoped he is better now as it is not impossible for people to have serious health issues following food poisoning.


One of French Montana’s followers did try to get his attention a few days ago asking to be contacted so as to share knowledge about what was wrong with the rapper. The follower wrote: “Don’t know if you’ll see this but I pray to God You Do🙏🏼 This is not a hoax, lie , or prank. I just want to reach out and give you some knowledge on what you may have. Because I had your exact same symptoms a few years ago and it almost took my life I have pics and documents to prove so. What you have is blood sepsis.. mostly likely caused by leaky gut. I can tell you how to cure it long term doctors won’t know what it is cuz they don’t study that type of medicine only big pharma. I would love to share more information in regards to my story and how I was able to find a cure ! Please please please contact me ! ASAP !”

It’s most likely a hoax and it is also likely that the doctors at the Los Angeles hospital know better than someone in the comments section of Instagram.


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