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Five things that happen to your body when you walk

Have you ever heard the saying by Hippocrates;

Walking is the best medicine

I’d go further by stating that walking combined with good sleep and a healthy diet can help you avoid the doctor altogether. As little as 15-30 minutes of walking every day, you can drastically improve not only your overall appearance but health as well.

While doing a brief research on the internet, I stumbled on the benefits of walking and to be very honest, I was astonished to find out that good old walking is a single practice that can significantly benefit the body and mind. It’s free, easy and requires little effort.

Below is a list of five benefits you can literally walk yourself into;

Improves digestion

Whenever you walk, your metabolism improves. This means there is a better breakdown of consumed food. Thirty (30) minutes of walking every day will not only lower the risk of colon cancer in the future but also improve our digestion and constipation by helping us to regulate our bowel movements.

Improves your mood

You’d all agree with me that a joyful walk with a friend or a loved one multiplies the happy-effect and improves our mood no matter how sober or down one might feel.

Walking can help spark up your mind. As a matter of fact, walking is one of the therapies for improving depression. It helps you keep your mind active, see the world around and cope with feeling down. Walking ensures your brain is active and it helps you relieve exhaustion.

Strengthens your bones and muscles

Walking can provide more joint mobility, prevent loss of bone mass, prevent arthritis, reduce joint pains, reduce stiffness and even reduce the risk of fractures. In fact, research has shown that walking helps warm your muscles.

So, anytime you get on a walking trip, you stretch your muscles and also strengthen your bones in the process.

Improved eyesight

Even though the eyes might seem like the last thing to be connected with the legs, walking actually benefits their health too. It may even help to fight glaucoma by relieving eye pressure.

Toned muscles

Muscle tone and weight loss (in overweight cases) may also be achieved through walking. The practice of walking 10,000 steps a day may be counted as an actual workout in a gym, especially if you add some intervals or walking uphill. Additionally, it’s low impact and there’s no recovery time, which means no sore muscles and regrets for missing tomorrow’s workout due to being too sore the next day.

Walking is an activity that should be considered and planned. How about taking the stair rather than use the elevator? Dropping before your bus stop and walking the remaining distance.

Walking improves your health, so get in your sneakers and take one step at a time.

Have you ever tried to substitute a trip to the gym or a run, with walking? Feel free to share your walking experiences with us in the comments below.


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