FilmOne and Empire Management Are Producing Their First Original Film “Greenland”


FilmOne is a distribution company that caters majorly to Nollywood and all things Nigerian. They have now added production to their achievements.

The company announced in a press release, that they would be partnering with with Empire Management to produce a movie which has been titled ‘Greenland’

It will mark the first time that FilmOne will be producing a movie and going through the entire movie making process.

According to their website, they’ve described themselves as an “Independent distributor of filmed entertainment providing top-end film release services with emphasis in Nigeria territory. We distribute a wide-range of mainstream, commercial pictures including international and indigenous titles, and maintain international strategic alliances and relationship with studios/distributors across the globe.”

As for the movie itself, their press release states that it tells the story of “‘Tunji’, a 21-year-old from the slums of Ogun state, Nigeria, as he attempts to change his destiny. Tunji has always dreamt of breaking free from his everyday reality – family woes, poverty and the death of his only sister – but his only escape is his passion for football. A series of impulsive decisions takes him on an unforgettable journey that ultimately shapes him and those around him.”

Speaking on the collaboration between FilmOne and Empire Management, a director at the latter company, Toyosi Oyetunji said that the topic being explored is one close to his heart.

His words: Sports is sometimes used as a guise to perpetrate human trafficking, instead of encouraging young people to hone their talents and make a living from them. At Empire Management, we could not think of a better partner for this project than FilmOne. They have proven that stories from Nigeria can inspire everyone and they understand the importance of world-class production values.”

The movie is set to begin production next month and as time goes on, we’ll have more information about the people set to star in the movie and so on.

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