Feminist Blogger, Slumflower, Reveals Her New Stance On Men


Controversial feminist blogger, Chidera Eggerue, otherwise known as Slumflower has revealed that she would now be asking for more from men who want to be with her.

She has found recent infamy with her book, ‘What A Time To Be Alone’ in which she has laid out how to be alone.

Slumflower took a break from sex last year and in her most recent interview claimed that men will have to jump through hoops to be with her.

Speaking in the interview she said:  ‘I spent this year deciding that I am worthy enough and good enough to ask for more.

‘I will not grant anyone intimate access to me unless they jump through specified hoops I have laid down for them.


‘So anyone who wants intimate access to me will have to sweat for it. They will have to sweat for it. A lot.’

She also said that women should look to invest in good sex toys rather than go into a relationship.

‘When you invest in really good sex toys and you take the time to really know your body, then within 10 minutes (or maybe even five) you will get the answers to your problems really easily, without even having to go to their house.’

Slumflower is loved and disliked with equal measure on the internet with many women enamoured with her philosophy while others find her rhetoric as a form of double standards.


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