Fast-rising Nigerian Rapper, Ziggy, Dies After Falling From 4th Storey of His Home


A young Nigerian rapper who went by the name ‘Ziggy’ has passed on after suffering a fatal fall from the 4th floor of his apartment in Lagos.

The incident occurred on Sunday, 16th of June 2019. It is reported that he was taking a walk when he fell into an open space which was meant to house an elevator.


Ziggy fell, broke a number of bones, before being rushed to the hospital where he died.

The rapper hadn’t been on the scene for long and was still unsigned at the time, however he did have a number of features including a song called Spazz by Cozy Folzy in which he was featured.

The news of his death was a shock to many with tributes flooding in from those who knew and loved him.

An Instagram post by ambassador_b01 gained a lot of traction as it featured a video which showed Ziggy being rushed to the hospital before he died.#Ziggy

It was captioned thus: “Gone too soon hommie, I swear am in pains, sadness, bitter, angered, frustrated. I miss you blood, I love you bro ❤️ ??????? @iamkingziggy ?????????? Lekki garden, paradise estate killed my brother with their poor construction buildings”

Other tributes followed soon after with one commenter saying: “too sad …I still choose not to believe…last yeah birthday u can’t even remember what we talked about ❤can’t stop pondering…love you bro…”

Another commenter added: “This life sha…everything inside it is vanity, now Ziggy is gone, though we may loved him but not to follow him go grave, not even his family wish to follow him not his gf, now is only him and his grave, so let’s continue to do good because when we all gone so that the good will continue to follows us, let’s be doing like someone that gonna die tomorrow not like someone that will spend 100years on earth, because one day one day we will all leave this vanity world even if we are old, we will still leave, I pray God grants Ziggy His forgiveness, let his soul rest in peace and also show my condolence to his family, his death will not leads to everyone of us death in Jesus name…RIP ZIGGY???”

Nigerian rapper Ziggy

It is unknown whether any action will be taken against Paradise Estate in Lekki seeing as their negligence could be cited as the cause of Ziggy’s demise.

We pray that his soul rests in peace.

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