Fans Send Love To Cardi B Over Suicidal Tweet

Cardi B has been dealing with some issues for quite some time now and it looks like she is bowing down to pressure which has raised concerns among her fans and is sending her love, telling to stay strong.

The mother of one became successful two years ago with her hit song, “Bodak Yellow,” and became one of the biggest artistes that saw her on Billboard 100, for a long period of time. She has continued to put out more hit songs which have made her even more relevant.

She’s also known for having issues with her fellow rapper, Nicki Minaj and the constant comparison of these incredibly talented artistes has done more harm than good to them both, and most fans are looking out for the day they finally let go and just support each other.

That is not the only issue the former stripper has had to deal with as she’s not had it easy with the father of her child and Singer, Offset due to his cheating scandal when she was pregnant and had to address the situation which became too confrontational and placed on a 14 count charge that has led to her recent back and forth to the courtroom in New York City, coupled with the fact that she just had a baby a year ago.

she has added many awards to her wins but always carried her fans along on how unhappy she’s been lately even with her many success. This time, she took it too far over the tweet from her that read, “Wish I was dead.”

Many of her fans are truly concerned and so far responded with the hashtag, # WeLoveYouCardi, with the hope that she won’t let whatever it is that’s wrong with her won’t weigh so much on her when she realizes how much she’s loved! Some fans took out time to respond to her tweet, with some saying;

“F**K y’all got this girl hurting and s**t leave her alone.”

“Man y’all need to leave Cardi B alone brush. Y’all shouldn’t downgrade people for their past. Everyone got a past.”

The tweet came in at 9:18 am on Sunday but has since been deleted. She should be watched closely by family and hopefully, she’s able to get the much-needed help!

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