Fans Dissapointed At Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson performed during the weekend, and this caused a stir by some of her fans who were totally dissatisfied by her performance on stage and mixed reactions have been trending nonstop on twitter.

She performed a set of her iconic back catalogue at Glastonbury. During the performance, the audience were struggling to hear her.

Those in the audience of Janet’s Saturday afternoon gig took to twitter to complain about sound issues the singer appeared to have throughout her energetic show.

Viewers watching the BBC coverage at home also accused her of ‘miming’ as there were several moments were there was no sound coming out of her mic and she was still singing.

While some praised the 53-year-old singer, Janet, for dancing in an all-black long-sleeved jumper dress in the heat, others moaned that she really needed to turn her mic on.

“The irony of Janet Jackson yelling at the crowd ‘I can’t hear you!'” joked one person on Twitter and several twitter users went on a ranting spree.

sound was awful, she was definitely miming through most of it.” Hope the crowd could hear her,” said another.

“hope her fans could hear her”.

Referring to one of her famous tracks, another added : “‘what have you done for me lately? Well, Janet, you mimed at Glasto.

She also had fans who came to her rescue, defending her and her performance.

she’s amazing but the sound quality was definitely off.”

One suggested she wasn’t miming: “Shame she’s not miming. We might be able to hear her then. Still, the instrumentals sound nice and the dancing’s good. # Glastonbury”

Some of Janet’s loyal fans jumped to her defense, as one fumed: “so, listening to the audio in this very video, you still say she’s, I have to get used to this word-miming?”

“What about this looks or sounds like a mime? Maybe u should go listen to the original song, even part of it & reassess your incorrect statement.”

“I was amazed by Janet Jackson, in all that heat last night she was singing and moving so well. That girl sure earned her money,” added another.

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