Fake Jesus Dies of Pneumonia Days After Visiting Kenya

According to news making the rounds, Evangelist Michael Job who is popularly known as Fake Jesus has died of terminal disease, pneumonia. The US pastor and actor who recently visited Kenya died just a few days after attending an interdenominational Christian event as a guest speaker.

According to the reports, Michael Job who is known to portray the role of Jesus Christ was confirmed dead by medics at Heyn Hospital while receiving treatment on pneumonia.

Fake Jesus is an evangelist at TBN’s Holyland Experience in Orlando Florida. He recently visited Kenya along with other pastors to preach for one Kiserian Mega Interdenominational in a crusade that took place from July 26 to 28.

During the three-day crusade, he was reported to have visited schools and gave food parcels to widows, while also preaching on the streets. His gestures had gone the internet buzzing and for this reason, many tagged him the modern-day Jesus.

Although reports claimed that he was later deported from Kenya on the basis of being an imposter, he later debunked the claims in a Facebook post stating that he only dresses up as Jesus during these crusades because he was acting as Jesus Christ during his crusades.

In his words;

Some people, known as “internet trolls”, have made false reports about me claiming to be Jesus, Jesus’ second coming starting in Kenya, me being found and worshipped in churches, and me being deported with pastors from the country, all of which are fake news.


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