Ex-BBNaija Housemates Jackye Says Tacha Is a Walking Time Bomb While Gedoni Confesses True Love To Khafi

Jackye in an interview with Ebuka stated that the perception of people about her relationship with Mike is not entirely true.

She stated that she only sees Mike as a big brother because of his level of intelligence and leaving with people in the same space wasn’t really her strong suit, with an exception of Mike.

She also weighed in on another housemate Tacha who she referred to be a “Walking Time Bomb” and she didn’t see herself having a conversation with her that won’t result in negative energy at the end.

It can be recalled that Tacha was the only housemate that didn’t give Jackye a hug at the time of her exit from the show!

When evicted on Sunday, she also stated that she will be happy to see a lady win the show this season and she is rooting for Mercy to win.

Khaffi And Gedoni ‘s Situationship

This might not be a “situationship” anymore because Gedoni has confirmed his true feelings towards Khaffi.

During his interview with DSTV, he expressed his shock over the sex scandal that has been ongoing for a while now, which he tried clearing everyone’s doubts. He also said he’d prefer Khafi answer the question herself when she is out of the house.

He expressed his regret for not standing up for Khafi when Venita was talking about her to him. He said he would have done better. Before the conclusion of the interview, he sent a message to Khafi.

This might be a good sign because Khafi has been feeling all alone after Gedoni’s exist from the house and beckoned on Gedoni to send her a message of sweet words so she can be strong enough to carry on in the game.

Gedoni did exactly that. He expressed his deep affection for Khafi with “I Love You Khafi” as the ending remark.

We can’t wait for Khaffi to corroborate all Gedoni has said when she gets her turn to speak.

We hope to see more of them together in the future.

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