Eva Alordiah Reveals That She Almost Committed Suicide

Eva Alordiah

Mental health has become more and more of a hot topic of discussion and rapper Eva Alordiah has added to the conversation revealing that she almost took her own life.

The rapper who turned 31 yesterday wished herself a happy birthday and also talked about how much she’s grown as a person in the past year.

In a post that she put up, Eva Alordiah had this to say:

“Apparentlyyyyyy!!!! This is what 31 looks like. 😀It’s been a long walk to get here, from almost taking my own life to being here now, living my life with a single mission to help you live yours better. I am blessed indeed. Use me as proof that you can overcome too.
The next year is going to be ooooohhhh so good, I am excited for what we will accomplish together. Thank you for your sweetness, you have made me feel more Alive!”

She used the post to reach out to her followers who might feel suicidal too and the message was that if she could get through it, they can too.

Eva Alordiah

In an earlier post Eva Alordiah also posted a photo from the exact time a year ago and pointed out how different she was and she praised herself for getting better.

She wrote: “Exactly this time 1 Year ago. Now I look back and realize that so much has changed in 1 year! Aaaahh You just keep on morphing Eva dontcya?

“I am so very proud of you Eva and even though it is not all as you imagined it could be, it is so much better than where you have been. Remember? Or do you forget so quickly?

“You have picked yourself up again and again and even when you were down, you still reached out to pick the others too. You did that you silly little munchkin.”

Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah has gone through a lot including a nasty breakup with her ex-boyfriend and she has since become a proponent of positivity. Happy birthday Eva Alordiah.

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