Eldee Engages Instagram Follower In Interesting Argument- Read


It’s not uncommon to find an unkind remark under a celebrity’s Instagram post, but the back and forth that Eldee the Don and a follower engaged in was interesting indeed.

The rapper posted on his Instagram, an inspirational quote which posited that the man one grows into 5 years from now is informed by the things consumed from books to movies to accounts followed.

Eldee then captioned the post saying that it was first hand experience for him.


The commenter felt that the post was one that puts unnecessary pressure on men today to rush into things rather than waiting and going at an achievable pace.

The commenter opined: “Bros na lie, I know what difference I hold today, from 5years ago till date. Not about many of all you mentioned than consistency. Post like this make many young men retract their good steps and venture into a race they won’t finish. Kindly allow us move in our own pace and leave this untimely post abeg”

Eldee was pretty civil about it and countered the follower, stating that people need to do these things, paying particular attention to reading and growing.

His response: “He that doesn’t know and doesn’t know he doesn’t know will argue against life hacks that are backed by data. How can you possibly understand the value of reading books if you don’t read? Don’t be defensive, listen more and learn.”

Other people in the comments expressed that the commenter perhaps did not understand the initial post and that his argument was invalid. The commenter came back, responding and explaining that he feels that the post could be misconstrued.

His words: “Bro these data are all exaggerated, how about people who live in countries where their cultural value isn’t about amassing wealth aren’t they doing good. I am enlightened, but wont allow many of this books turn me new leaf when I know I already set a pace for myself. I remember growing up then my father will always force me and my sis to read Tell Magazine then but it played little or nothing in my life today. Bros encourage us to work hard and stay focus. I appreciate your post always and will always learn more. Thanks boss”

What do you think? Was the man’s argument valid? Or was he just another Nigeria looking for clout within a celebrity’s comment section?

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