Ebuka Reveals Hilarious Exchange With An Alleged ‘BBNaija Addict’


BBNaija host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, has given people a glimpse of what he has to deal with as the host for the incredibly popular reality TV Show.

The reality star put out a post showing an interaction with a fan who claimed to be obsessed with the show and how she just might die if she isn’t on the show.

We all know just how popular Big Brother Nigeria is and with each passing year, the fever that seems to engulf the nation just grows stronger.

As it turns out, it seems the obsessed lady might have been overplaying things a bit as the girl’s mother also messaged Ebuka and told him not to mind her daughter.






If this is just a glimpse of what he goes through, you can only imagine the other sorts of messages he receives.

Due to the popularity of the show, Ebuka has become something of a target for unfair statements and with the high volume of people he needs to deal with, some people have said he comes off as arrogant, something he’s been keen to downplay.

In a post he put up earlier this year, he claimed that he is not arrogant, but simply confident in himself and the work he does.

“People mistake my self confidence for arrogance sometimes and one of the sources of that self confidence is education. I have 4 degrees. And with all that knowledge acquired, of course I feel like I know something about everything and can contribute to pretty much any conversation there is. Education has empowered me immensely and the greatest nations in the world are proof of its ability to transform!!!”

This confidence also means he is not ashamed of where he comes from, but this has not been without its drawbacks as he claimed that he once lost an international advertisement gig because of his accent.

But back to the BBNaija situation, would you call yourself an addict and if so, why?

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