Drake Booed On Stage During Surprise Appearance


Drake must have felt pretty embarrassed after he was booed by concert goers at the latest Camp Flog Gnaw by Tyler the Creator.

According to reports, the crowd was expecting to see Frank Ocean, but they ended up with Drake and they made their displeasure known.

After performing for a bit, the Canadian rapper stopped his performance and called out to the crowd, “Make some noise for yourself tonight,” he said. “I’m here for you tonight. If you want to keep going, I will keep going. What’s up?”

He continued to get booed,  “If you want to keep going,” he said again, “I will keep going tonight.”

The boos go louder and people kept saying ‘No’.

At this point, the rapper was done and proceeded to exit the stage saying  “I love ya’ll. I go by the name of Drake. Thank you for having me.”

Genius reporter Andres Tardio posted the video on Twitter where he tweeted: “Here’s a video from Camp Flog Gnaw. Drake: “I’m here for you tonight. If you want to keep going, I will keep going. What’s up?” Some fans boo loudly. One yells “No!” Drake seemingly cuts his set short & ends the show there. “It’s been love.””

A lot of people were supportive of ‘Hotline bling’ rapper and said they wouldn’t boo him.

Twitter fans also took the chance to be humorous and made up as many puns with the names of Frank Ocean and Drake as possible.

Like this tweet that read: “to be quite frank drake wouldn’t get booed off my stage”

Drake took it all in stride posting this on his Instagram: “Plot twist…just signed a 10 year residency at Camp Flog Gnaw sorry kids see you EVERY SINGLE YEAR till you are 30 🤪”


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