Dr. Sid Celebrates One Year Since He Quit Smoking

Dr Sid

In what is becoming something of trend, Dr. Sid has come out to celebrate a year since he quit smoking for good.

Recently, Don Jazzy also came out to celebrate the anniversary of his walking away from smoking. Dr. Sid put out a tweet in which he celebrated the anniversary but also intimated the Don Jazzy was instrumental in making the decision to quit smoking.

He said: “So about a year ago @donjazzy motivated me to quit smoking about 2 weeks after he did. It’s been very tough journey but I’m happy to share this milestone of 1 year #smokefree with you all. The hard work continues.”

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The reaction to Dr. Sid was positive and many expressed hopes that they too could quit smoking. There was a user in the comments who advised the musician on withdrawal symptoms (even though those should be gone by now). He said: “You will, however, have withdrawal symptoms and this will come with irritation in your throat and you may cough, have pectol handy. Always have a snack around you; by the bed side, like ground nuts, biscuits; in short develop a sweet tooth. Take lots of water.”

When it was pointed out by another commenter that the withdrawal symptoms should be gone by now, he answered that it is advisable that one keeps building resistance. He added: “But don’t forget “old habits don’t die easily”. So i still advice to keep building up resistance to the temptations that may come from social gatherings. Self will and determination overcame peer pressure. I only laugh at them. I do my chips, while they do their smoke.”

We hope Dr. Sid is able to keep at it.

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