Dr Boniface Igbeneghu Reacts To #SexForGrades Documentary


One of the primary antagonists of the #SexForGrades scandal, Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, has finally spoken on the issue.

The lecturer has already seen himself suspended by the school and disavowed from Foursquare Gospel Church and has said that he would not be pressured into saying anything.

He was contacted by the Punch Newspapers who were looking for a statement from him, however, the lecturer only gave a terse reply saying, “I work for the University of Lagos; if you want any reaction, talk to the university. Contact the information unit and they will tell you the correct position. If I talk, I will be running foul of the varsity law. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on me to say beyond what I have said,”

Boniface Igbeneghu was caught on camera soliciting sexual favours from the undercover journalist and has been blasted all over the internet by some of his other victims.

Also speaking on the controversy was  University of Benin (UNIBEN) professor who said that the blame on the lecturers should be mitigated because some girls also provoked this behavior due to their way of dressing which could in its own way be considered as sexual harassment. In an interview with Nigeria Info, the professor asserted that some female students are on the hunt for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Degrees) and that they can even go to the extreme of black-mailing lecturers who don’t want to give in to their advances.

He was of the opinion that the topic of sexual harassment was in danger of being viewed through only one side and that this isn’t a good idea.


You can listen to what he said below.

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