“Don’t tell me something can’t be done. I had a vision so make it happen” Beyonce’s work ethics revealed


Beyonce’s 2019 movie ‘Homecoming’ streamed on Netflix yesterday to ridiculously rave reviews as critics and beyhive members alike were buzzing (pun intended) about it.

The movie which documented her Coachella performance from 2018 including behind-the-scenes clips and so on has been garnering rave reviews with CNN calling it ‘Black Excellence’

The movie itself featured Beyonce’s regimen including her diet and exercise going into the show and to most people, the insane lengths the singer goes to to achieve perfection.

Her former colleague, Michelle Williams, also took to Instagram to congratulate the singer and pay lip service to all the hard work she puts in to make her shows so great.

She said on an Instagram post: “Great work @beyonce! So proud of you!! Was blessed to personally witness the amount of work you put into this along with your team that you trusted to help execute your vision. You always say “if I dreamed it that means I can do it” OR “don’t tell me something can’t be done, I had a vision so make it happen!” Let this be a message of when God gives you something to do, trust that He’s given you everything you need to make it happen. #Beyflix”


The show itself was quite successful as it was a reminder of the power of black culture and black excellence which showed took over a show that was predominantly white.

Beyonce’s shows have always been heavy on the imagery which usually reflects on the case of black people in the United States, from her shows in France during her ‘On the run II’ tour depicting mug shots of several black pioneers to Superbowl Halftime shows which depicted Black Panther costumes, the Queen Bee has always had an appreciation for imagery.

The movie, Homecoming, is on Netflix and is available to stream.

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