Don Jazzy Reveals The New Thing Fans Used To Heckle Him After Giving Up On Marriage

Don Jazzy Nigeria Independence

Don Jazzy is arguably Nigeria’s most eligible bachelor and for the longest time, the most common question asked of him was: When are you getting married?

It seems people are resigned to the fact that it would happen when it happens with the Don himself stating that there is no one who can force him to get married.

In a tweet, the Mavin boss claimed that the new thing people are using to heckle him now is his weight.  He revealed he was on a plane and while no one asked him the usual “When are you getting married” it has now been replaced by questions about his weight.

He said: “On the plane now. Today was weird. For the first time, everybody that met me didn’t ask me when I’m getting married. They replaced it with 😮 ahh why so fat? 😢”

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy has always been a bit heavyset but never really someone you could consider fat, however, it seems this perception has now changed.

He was of course heckled in the comments with some replies pointing out that his increase in width is because he’s making more money and has nowhere to put it.

Someone even plugged herself as a nutritionist who would create meal plans for a balanced diet for the producer.

Don Jazzy is a social media darling with his legion of fans always ready to engage him on the platform. He’s also used his platform to help people with numerous giveaways and from time to time making social commentary.

For instance, he recently bemoaned the lack of support women give to each other. He was commenting on Big Brother Nigeria and how a lot of the girls are facing eviction. According to him, “All the ladies leaving one by one just shows how women don’t really support each other. It’s Sad. #bbnaija”


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