Don Jazzy Celebrates MAVIN 7 Year Anniversary-All Is In Order, He Says

Don Jazzy Nigeria Independence

In 2012, fresh from the departure of D’Banj, Don Jazzy started Mavin records, which many wondered if it’d reach the heights of Mo Hits.

Well it did

It did and then some.

The record label has grown and is currently one of the foremost recording labels in the entire country.

Don Jazzy took to his Instagram to celebrate the 7th year anniversary of the label and the tag line for his post was ‘All is in Order’

This is a pointed remark as the label just lost its star player in the person of Tiwa Savage and the questions of whether MAVIN can survive without its star has come up again and what Don Jazzy has shown us with this post is that they will damn well try their hardest to survive and a cursory look through MAVIN’s history shows that they are quite capable of making it out.

Don Jazzy said on his Instagram: “We will like to say a big thank you to all our fans and business partners for the love and support through the years. Mavin is 7 today and I am sooooo proud of what we have been able to achieve. GOD has been faithful. We had some down times but I will be lying if I tell you I didn’t learn a lot from those times. Those down times made me and the team stronger and wiser than ever. I love and believe so much in my team. That been said, by the power vested in me, with so much fire in my belly, on behalf of the SUPREME MAVIN DYNASTY I say to every Mavin out there that #AllisInOrder

Don Jazzy post, Mavin 7 years old

We want to have faith in Don Jazzy that he can keep things going for MAVIN and that he can move them forward and increase their influence in the Nigerian music space.



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