Does Justin Beiber Still Have A Crush On Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been broken up for quite a while, so you can imagine the scenes when it was discovered that he and his wife Hailey were watching Selena Gomez Coachella videos.

Now can anything be read into this? Perhaps not, as the singer himself addressed the matter, telling fans and reporters alike to stop scrutinizing his actions as there was nothing to see.

Things kicked off when Justin put out an Instagram video in which he called out reporters who spelled his name wrong in a newspaper and also were also reporting erroneously on him. But that was not what caught the eagle eyes of fans who zoomed into the video to see that in the corner of Bieber’s web history, was a video of Selena Gomez performing at Coachella.

This prompted reports that perhaps Justin Bieber was still somehow hung up on Selena Gomez.

He’s dismissed these reports, putting out a series of posts on his Instagram stories where he addressed a lot of the issues surrounding the situation

Justin explained that he and his wife watched his Coachella performance and that Selena’s happened to play right after, something he said was not his doing.

He also admonished people to not read too much into the things he does and that his initial video was supposed to be a joke.

Justin added that while he knows that people have fantasies about how his life is supposed to go, he would not be indulging them. He claimed that this would be the last time he would address the issue.

“These are real lives you guys are talking about, real emotions. Stop acting like you know anything about anything,

“This ends here, will never reengage with this but had to set the record straight, once and for all.” he said.

So i guess what he’s trying to say is

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