DNA Twins On Getting Kidnapped, Pressure to be Next P-Square

Blair and Clint Roberts, who are popularly known as the DNA twins took some time out to have a n in-depth chat with Soundcity Radio’s Awazi.

The twin brothers, rose to fame after participating in the Voice Nigeria, they didn’t win, but they were soon snapped up by Don Jazzy and Mavin Records.

Since then they have gone on to do hits like “Mash Up Freestyle.” and “How can”

They recently came back into the spotlight after a period of hibernation with two singles, ‘Star’ and ‘Ayo’.

In the interview with Awazi, they covered a wide range of topics including their 2016 kidnap, comparisons to P-Square and little tidbits about themselves.

Speaking on the P-Square comparisons, the DNA twins stated that they were pleased that they were even being compared to industry legends like Peter and Paul Okoye, but that they also wanted people to know them for them. They claimed that they were seeking to be unique. They explained that this informed their decision to stay out of the spotlight for a period of time while they refined their music.

“The pressure was mad, but we just had to find a way to turn that into positivity and get into work and work harder” Clint said explaining the P-Square comparisons.

They also spoke about their 2016 kidnap, which was a first as they had never spoken publicly about the ordeal. According to the twins, they were on a bus to Lagos from Abuja when they were ambushed by armed men and while they initially ran into the bush, they unfortunately ran into the kidnappers’ hideout.

DNA Twins

They were held for 4 days before a ransom was paid. They never stated the amount, but according to them, it wasn’t even a quarter of what was demanded.

“On the first night that we got there, they made us walk two hours into the bush, they had taken off our slippers. They put us both to sit down, they were having their meeting somewhere else, they had a little bonfire stuff while they made food, we just knew we were going to be alright.

“We had a day they literally beat us for not being emotional” said the Twins as they narrated their ordeal.

After this they were picked up by their mum, the ransom was paid and the very next week they were on the Voice in South Africa.

They explained that they decided not to talk about it because there were some rumours that the kidnap was a hoax and that they wanted to avoid that drama.

Here is the full interview below.


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