DJ Cuppy Responds To Claims That She Leaked New Song Gelato Herself

DJ Cuppy

Florence Otedola, otherwise known as DJ Cuppy was on the radio yesterday where she responded to claims that she leaked her own song, Gelato before the release date.

The song which she did with Zlatan Ibile was released on the 16th of August, however, the song had hit the internet about a day before and there were many of the point of view that the singer did this herself.

DJ Cuppy was on Rhythm 93.7 where she said that she didn’t leak the song herself. She expressed surprise that people think that she did.

She also spoke about the perception Nigerians seem to have of her and the unfair treatment she sometimes gets on social media. She said in the interview that she tries to just go with the flow which then sees her troll herself sometimes.

Nigerians have typically been frosty towards DJ Cuppy so much so that during the time ‘80%’ was trending on Twitter, she got on the trend to tweet that she feels that 80% of Nigerians don’t like her. There was a laugh emoji at the end, but odds are that was a pretty painful thing to type.

Thankfully, some of the responses were compassionate as some of the people who commented stated that they indeed like her and her music.

As to the reception of Gelato, it has been mostly positive as there were a number of tweets acknowledging that DJ Cuppy is improving as a musician. There were also more positive tweets like this one: “I don’t know her personally but you can’t but love DJ Cuppy’s attitude. Despite all the negativity being thrown at her, you’ll never see her insulting anyone or make them feel inferior even when she has a reason to. She stays beautiful, always smiling and happy. A real Queen ❤️”

Have you listened to Gelato? If so, what did you think of it?

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