Director Mildred Okwo Bemoans Sub-par Working Standards In Nollywood

Mildred Okwo

Nigerian director, Mildred Okwo, has bemoaned the lack of proper care for actors practicing in Nollywood noting that many still can’t take care of themselves.

Okwo is best known for her work in 2012’s The Meeting and she also did 30 Days.

She took to her Twitter to complain that there are people who have over 100 movies under their belt but who can’t pay their hospital  fees when they are ill. She noted that there are also actors who can’t boast of having a Million naira saved despite being credited with at least 10 movies.

Her tweet reads: “It’s terrible when you have 100 movies to your name but people have to contribute to send you to hospital when you fall ill. This is not an industry we are building o. People don’t have 1 million Naira saved but they have shot 10 films …? This not a profession o”

Mildred Okwo is possibly referring to the high spate of veteran actors who have done many movies but who are struggling with one ailment or the other.

There are examples like Ify Onwuemene who starred on Everyday People but has been reduced to asking for help to pay for cancer treatments.

The relies to Mildred’s comments were mixed with some believing that a frivolous lifestyle might be the cause while others feel like pirates are staunching any growth that actors might have.

“Aunty, could this be due to the person’s frivolous lifestyle, family responsibilities or simply bcos the movies really didn’t pay well. For contingency sake, I think Health insurance is very important for people who don’t earn well from this profession.” said one Twitter comment.


“Most of them act for the fame, and believe they would make their money elsewhere aside acting. Else they would fight for themselves for better payment structure. They have a body, what does it stand for?” said another.


Mildred Okwo is a US trained Lawyer and along with 11 other colleagues founded the Nigerian Oscars Selection Committee (NOSC)

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