Director-General Of ROK Studio, Mary Remmy Njoku Defends Herself After Being Dragged Over An Instagram Post

Whoever thought a post on your page can cause a stir and lead to trolls calling you out? Well, it happened to Mary Remmy Njoku.

Mary Remmy Njoku is the DG of Rock on Sky studios and the wife of Iroko TV CEO, Jason Njoku.

She recently made a post on her Instagram page of a photo of Fergie and Oprah Winfrey seated together and the post reads; “God is not preparing you for anything, you are just suffering.”

She captioned it as;

“God had given you everything you need. Stop procrastinating, do something. Good morning…..”

It was not well received by her followers and she was called out accordingly following her post and she took it upon herself to defend the post as it was received wrongly.

In a bid to clear the air, she responded to some comments and it only got worse from there. Most of her followers were not having it while a few of them understood what she was explaining. She said in one reply that her post meant “faith without work is nothing”

She has refused to take down the post and stuck to her guns in the middle of all confrontations. What do you think about the post? Let us know in the comments.


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