Di’ja Releases New Single, Wuta

Nigerian singer, Di’ja who’s real name is Hadiza Blel has released a new single called Wuta.

The Mavin woman has released a few songs recently with Wuta the latest one and so far, it’s a proper jam.

It’s so popular that even dancer, Korra Obidi, played it for her newborn daughter.

Di’ja, super surprised at this, posted it on her Instagram where she said: “I still can’t believe @korraobidi played #WUTA for her new born daughter @junedean_ Allah ya raya. You always pray for a woman who just gave birth. God bless your family!”

You can listen to the song below


Di’ja has always been rather private and is one of those artistes who never has any drama. She’s a mother and in an interview, she talked about how the experience changed her and made her respect her mother more.

“You already respect your mom, but you respect your mom like a hundred times more… And you also have another respect for being a chick, being a woman, so it’s a pretty cool, very very cool experience.’” she said about having a child.

Di’ja also noted that the childbearing experience also really deepened her relationship with God.

Very few people knew about her pregnancy and she said she didn’t make any concerted effort to hide it, “it just happened, It’s not really all of a sudden, I think it’s just more or less that we’re in a society where because everything is just out there, it’s no longer the norm to just chill and just keep moving.’”

“It wasn’t like an aim to do, I just kinda lived, like I just lived… Like I’m having too much fun, I forget to take pictures and I forget to post them, that’s just what really happened.’”

We know for sure that we’re going to be hearing Wuta quite a bit on the radio now, and that’s no bad thing.

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