Di’ja Announces That She Is Expecting


Mavin artiste, Afrodija, or Di’ja for short, has announced that she is expecting her third child with her husband.

The singer took to her Instagram to give out the good news. She posted a photo of herself with the caption: “Mummy of 3 loading…. with our third child on the way, Alhamdullilah”

The mother of 3 is in rather great shape and has been hard at work all year. Earlier in the year, she released her comic book ‘Amana’ which we are all still super excited for.

Not many people know much about Di’ja as a mother as she doesn’t post her kids on social media. She did grant an interview where she admitted that motherhood has made her appreciate her own mother more.

“You already respect your mom, but you respect your mom like a hundred times more… And you also have another respect for being a chick, being a woman, so it’s a pretty cool, very very cool experience.’”

And while Di’ja has kept us informed on this pregnancy, that wasn’t always the case. She usually just had her kids and got on with life. It got to the point where people asked if she was hiding it.

She had to come out to dismiss these claims, stating that she never hid her pregnancies, but rather they just happened.

“it just happened, It’s not really all of a sudden, I think it’s just more or less that we’re in a society where because everything is just out there, it’s no longer the norm to just chill and just keep moving.’” she said.

Congratulations to the singer. We wish her a safe delivery.


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