“Did Tobi Bakre Try To Steal Ebuka’s Gig As The Host for BBNaija Season 4?

The grand opening is just few hours away and an allocation have been leveled against the 2nd runner up of the last BBNaija Season 3 #doublewahala, Tobi Bakre.

Most contestants from previous seasons of the reality TV show have always shown interest in hosting the show and most times, they get to do interviews at the end of the show.

As seen from the formal contestant, Bisola from season 2 of the show. While Ebuka was in South Africa, hosting the main show, Bisola was in Lagos, Nigeria, interviewing people who gathered together to watch the LIVE show.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is the official host of the show, and has been hosting the show for the longest time now, but report from various tweets by “Fine Apple,” a twitter user, suggests that Tobi Bakre went behind Ebuka to lobby for his job but was turned down and later given the VIP hosting position.

The allegations leveled against Tobi on this issue are yet to be confirmed by either party. We will subsequently bring you more gist as the drama unfolds, meanwhile, see the tweets below 👇👇

While we are still trying to digest this gist, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu still remains the host of the show and to prove so he dropped a little hint on the new house to be used for the show with a picture of himself via his Instagram, standing by the wall, and captioned it

“Sssssssssss!!! Quick sneak peak of the brand new #bbnaija house!! Meanwhile, every Nigerian knows that master piece hanging on the wall beside me. Haha!!! Almost show time“.

Oya, check out the hot sturv 😉

Tobi also announced that he was preparing to host the VIP screening for BBNaija Season 4 via his Instagram account. Read Here

Both parties have not addressed the allegations officially so we ask : Is it the gist true? Did Tobi make a move for the gig? If he did, was he wrong? What do you think?

Let us know in the comment section.

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