Did Tacha Just Throw A Subtle Shade At Mercy? “Don’t Stand Near The Heater Babe, Plastic Melts! “

Big brother season4 Pepper Dem reality show ended over a month ago but the ‘pepper’ is still very hot in real life.

The latest shade from Tacha is not very clear who she is sending it to, but her fans have concluded that is meant for the show winner, Mercy Eke.

This was however expected but it came sooner than later.

About a week ago, a video of Mercy advising her fans not to get disqualified but get evicted on the show, surfaced online and many said it was a jab thrown at Tacha since she was disqualified after having an encounter with Mercy on the show. Although, Ike did not share the same opinion and he immediately disagreed with her.

“I disagree, go there and do your thing, be yourself,” he said. Still, Tacha’s fans were not having it.

A few days ago, Tacha posted a picture of herself on Instagram with a caption that seemed like she was throwing shades at Mercy.

“Don’t stand too close to the heater babe, plastic melts”.

Mercy has been called out severally for allegedly having some work done on her backside, although she denied the allegations. 

When Tacha made the post, her fans wasted no time in dragging Mercy on social media. See the reactions;

Tacha didn’t stop there, she also put up a video on her insta story of when she was in the e club. She called her drink(Moet) a “video Moet”. After Mercy’s deal with the company was referred to as a “audio deal.”

In other news, Mercy signed a new deal and her caption on the photo is about to turn up another social media war!

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