Did Meghan Markle Name Her Baby After A Cat Or After Her Favorite Comic?

Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their newborn

The new royal baby born to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, a name that, like every other part of royal life, has garnered immense interest.

But could it be that the baby’s name came from a dead cat and an American comic book?

Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their newborn

We already knew that the Prince and Meghan Markle wanted a name with strong British and American ties, but beyond that what was the method used to choose the baby’s name?

Well, according to a friend of the Duchess of Sussex, the name might have come from a dead cat.

“Doria [Meghan’s mum] rescued Archie and he became an important part of the household. Meghan loved playing with him and she was always talking about him to her friends. It’s no surprise she named her new baby Archie. She loved that cat.” said the friend in an interview with the Sun

It’s also possible that the baby’s name, Archie, comes from the popular American comic of the same name (and no, not that abomination that is being shown on TV, looking at you Riverdale), with the friend also revealing that Meghan was borderline obsessed with the comic.

“This could be a little nod to her dad. It was him who instilled that hobby into her, that was their activity together. He would drive her around and also surprise her with vintage volumes. She had at least 100. This may be a way to reach out to her dad, even after all that’s happened.”

Baby Archie has already lived an eventful life already being targeted for racist abuse including from a BBC presenter who was subsequently sacked.

The Presenter, Danny Baker, posted about the child and had used the photo of a Chimpanzee to illustrate the royal baby and his return from the hospital.

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