Despite Being Born With A Silver Spoon, I Work Hard- Kiki Osinbajo

Kiki Osinbajo, the daughter of the Vice President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, has stated that while she was indeed born rich, she is still a hardworker.

The entrepreneur was showing off her new office space and in a series of Instagram stories, she has stated how it has been a journey for her.

Kiki Osinbajo also encouraged people with dreams to never give up and always keep going for their dreams.

She said about her business, “A few years ago I decided to start my own business and now I look back and wonder what I was thinking. Turning somewhere into my own little empire”

Kiki Osinbajo Kiki Osinbajo

Kiki Osinbajo has done very well for herself with or without the help of her parents whom she shares a special relationship with, especially her father whom she describes as her hero.

In an interview which she she granted earlier this year, she expressed gratitude for her father and how he had always been there for her.

“My dad is the best! I mean I got his middle name ‘Oluleke’. I think the best memory was when I was about 18; we went to Abu Dhabi, UAE on holiday, I had a minor accident and was hospitalised for a couple of days. When I got back home, I was in pain and was crying.

“Everyone tried everything they could, but nothing worked. My dad came in, stood by the side of my bed, singing worship songs. He sang for about an hour and a half till I fell asleep. When I woke up, he was right there beside me even then I was in pain, but I didn’t want to wake him up because I knew if I moved too much, he would’ve woken up.

“I always knew he loved me but this made me realise how much.”

Kiki Osinbajo has built a fashion empire for herself and she has certainly made her father proud.

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