Desmond Elliot Faces Backlash For Calling On The Ban Of Foreign Movies

Veteran Nollywood award-winning actor and politician, Honorable Desmond Elliot recently stated via an interview with Hip TV that the Federal Government of Nigeria should ban foreign movies in order to improve the country’s local content while likening the move to the ban on the importation of rice.

The 45-year-old representing Surulere constituency at the Lagos State House of Assembly stated his two cents on the current situation of the country’s movie Industry saying;

First, they need to create an enabling environment for this industry to thrive.

Secondly, they need to consciously and intentionally focus on improving this industry.

Treat it like you’re importing rice… You ban all foreign content, make it difficult for all foreign content to come in, so your local content can grow And then, you need to support (financially) the music industry, you need to support the film industry… even the comic industry as well…

Seriously, Desmond! Did you just say this?! 😱🙆🏿‍♂😭

Yes, there is no doubt that the industry is terribly faced by production, financial, piracy and other unforeseen issues, however, banning foreign movies from crossing into the borders of Nigeria will not solve the issues facing Nollywood. As a matter of fact, we cannot shadowban the influence of foreign movies on the Nigerian populace; Hollywood, Bollywood, Latino TV Shows and even South-East Asian movies either have everything or most of the things our movies lack.

Moreover, with the advent of movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Showmax etc, a total ban on foreign movies in Nigeria will never truly see the limelight expect the Federal government bans the use of the internet.

The agriculture and movie industries are two parallel lines that can never meet, therefore, a call on the ban of foreign movies is a terrible thought-out strategy.

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